Margate Computers and Redcliffe Computer Repairs

are two registered business names which have been trading on the Redcliffe Peninsula since 1983. Our Workshop and Service Base is Now Located at 24 Plume Street Redcliffe
which is my home address on the Redcliffe Peninsula.
I have been able to keep servicing my loyal customers and keep operating, Because of the support and return business given By the wonderful people of the district.

We Give High Quality Service to Your Computer so it Performs as well as it can.
We sell new computers, laptops, wireless and basic keyboard and mice, cables, cords, laptop power supplies, laptop batteries etc. Get the Best Value Help and Call Me if you have a problem.
We Service Home & Business Customers in Moreton Bay Regions Including Redcliffe,
Woody Point to Scarborough, Rothwell, North Lakes, Mango Hill, Deception Bay,Sandgate, Brighton, Bracken Ridge, Morayfield, Narangba, Petrie, Bald Hills, Strathpine, Brendale
Or Anywhere I can be of Service...


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PHONE DAVID NOW! Ph. 07 3283 2334
Home of the Computer Tamer

Preventative Maintenance

Computing equipment is prone to similar vulnerabilities as a vehicle.
Without regular servicing it’ll breakdown.
Home users generally do not have their computers serviced or maintained. Imagine if you never has your car serviced never washed it or tuned it.
It would soon break down. When was the last time your PC had a Service? If it has been more than six months, it is time to schedule a maintenance appointment .
Myths about Computer Servicing I have a friend who knows all about computers and he/she does all that for me.
Sorry, there are some very enthusiastic people out there who do know a little about computers but unless they are working with them every day and are aware of the latest threats,
techniques and tools available they may cause your computer some terminal problems.

Would you let a butcher do brain surgery on you because he has sharp knives and knows all about carving meat ?

In a lot of cases the problems are made worse by someone fiddling, then walking away, after being defeated by the problem.
Enthusiastic amateurs provide lots of work for professional technicians
A walk through the Yellow pages or a search on the Internet can bring some amazing claims
such as, “We can do it over the phone?
”We can do it all in your home? or Our favourite “It's fixed or it's free?

Outside of some VERY basic things there is very little that can be done over the phone such as a reboot and you've already done that haven't you?

Trying to fix a computer over the phone is like trying to give someone a haircut over the phone, nice idea but it can't be done.
While some small problems can be solved in your home, usually configuration or network problems, most problems need many hours of work by software running over and over to completely eradicate and ensure problems are solved and bench testing to ensure this.

Many problems are multi layered and removing one layer then allows the next problem to be sorted out.
This all takes time and unless you want to have a new best friend most problems except the minor ones are best solved in a workshop.

Now a lot of these type of “Technicians" advertising have a mobile phone number, a van and a free email address and a fancy looking website and after you have paid them and they have left and your computer isn't fixed just try to persuade them that you want your money back.
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